1200W Commercial Digital Power Amp

by InterM

The DPA 1200S is a 1200W Single-Channel Class D Amplifier in a 2 RU compact chassis. Class D amplifiers offer high output power with reduced weight. Class D audio amplifiers offer greater power efficiency over traditional amplifiers. Among their advantages is their reduced physical size and lower heat dissipation. The DPA 1200S offers both low and high impedance (100V) outputs in one package.

The amp offers less than 1% THD with an increased signal to noise ratio to 90db. It has a widened frequency response, from 30Hz ~ 18 KHz. It also has built-in protection against short circuits, overload, power and DC output. A 2 position LOW CUT FILTER at 65Hz and 400Hz helps improve speech intelligibility. It will also protect the output from unwanted low frequencies.

This amp is ideal where the need is for high power to drive a large quantity of in-line speakers over a long distance. Airports, arenas, shopping malls, transportation stadiums and other large scale facilities would qualify as suitable users.


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