2-Way Professional Powered Speaker 10" White

2-way Active Speaker with 400w RMS Digipro® bi-amp power!
- featuring 1 x 10" woofer with 1.5" voice coil and a 1" driver with rotatable asymmetric 90°/40°x 60° horn, the SPL peaks at 125dB. The dimensions are 300x483x300mm and it weighs 14 Kg. 
The voicing of these speakers is very linear. They sound great with any audio content such as speech, background or live music.  The dispersion of the constant directivity horn is symmetric and rotatable. This keeps the same coverage in the case of horizontal use. It is particularly valued when used as a stage monitor thanks to the rear angle of 40°. The built-in digital amplifiers are quite silent due to their low thermal dissipation. They have 2 different preset controls - Flat or Processed via a 24-Bit/48Khz DSP circuit to shape the sound the way you like it.  
The robust 12mm plywood enclosure looks very elegant and refined. The LVX 10W comes with a single top handle to ease transport. A D36mm pole mount cup on the bottom allows all LVX speakers to pole or tripod mounted.
Two types of wall-mounting brackets are available. One for vertical installations like live performance applications. You can truss mount it with variable pan-tilt options. They include a pole mount cup as a stand adapter). The second bracket is for horizontal installations with an adjustable tilt position. 
All models and related accessories are available in black or white finishes. The white installation version comes without the pole mount cup and handles.  

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