4 Zone Mono Mixer

by Cloud
SKU Z4 Mk4

The Z4MK4 is the latest generation of the ever popular Z-Series Venue Zone Mixers. The latest upgrades include some new features which make the Z4MK4 even more flexible and installer friendly.

Features at a Glance:

  • 4 Zone Mono Mixer
  • NEW Digital Paging Interface for PM Paging Mics with IN/THRU Connections for Multi Mixer Configuration
  • NEW Digital Switch Mode Power Supply 
  • NEW Lines 1-6 now 2 x Unbalanced on PHONO + 4 x Balanced on Phoenix 3pin connectors
  • Line 6 priority, selected on a Zone by Zone basis
  • Optional Facility input plates on all zones (LM-2/A, B&W) 
  • Zone Music Level and Source Selection via RSL-6/A (B&W) or RL-1/A (B&W) Wall Remotes
  • 2 Mic Inputs with Volume Controls
  • Input for Paging Mic with Priority and Zone Selection
  • Separate EQ for Mic and Music
  • All Mics have Priority over Music
  • Fire Alarm “Music Mute” Interface
The Universal Power Supply (85-254v) means you can install the Z4MK4 anywhere in the world. It also provides an increased output to support the connection of up to 600mA of internal accessories. Accessories such as EQ cards and external devices. Items like the LM-2 Line/Mic/Remote Mixer Modules and Paging Consoles.  The addition of four balanced inputs add to its flexibility.

The Z4MK4 is a complete solution for multi-zone, multi function venues. Because you can connect a Media player, MP3, Hard Drive, CD, Video and a Radio, the Z4MK4 is a user friendly master control for an entire sound system.

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