Aerolink Music Receiver


The AeroLink Bluetooth® Music Receiver

The AeroLink® AL 3.0 is a rack-mounting Bluetooth® stereo music receiver.
It delivers MP3 music at cleaner and louder levels than a hook-up cable. Using the rack mount kit supplied, you can secure it in a standard 19 inch wide equipment rack. We have also had alternative rack ears made to make it mountable in a 10 inch wide IT Rack that are optional extras. Connect it to your mixer using the 2 RCA to 2 RCA cable provided. If connecting to a mono input on a desktop PA mixer use the jack output. It works with any iPhone®, iPod Touch® or Smartphone that features Bluetooth® transmission.
So how does it work? Well you line up the first track of your chosen playlist (set the device's EQ to FLAT or OFF please!) on your phone or player, then go to SETTINGS and select BLUETOOTH® ON. Press the flashing LINK button on the front of the AeroLink. A second later the light goes solid as your phone senses the signal and pairs up. Then you'll see the words AEROLINK 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and CONNECTED on your Phone or Player's screen. Switch back to MUSIC on your phone or player, press play and you're on the air - easy! It's one of the few models available where you can use up to 5 Bluetooth® Receivers at the one location.
The AeroLink® AL 3.0 is perfect for many different venues' playback systems. It has been well accepted by many operators and hire companies. It is a modern day replacement of the old CD Player for your equipment racks!
We supply the AeroLink with a 12V Power Pack. A DC "Y" splitter cable is available as an optional extra which you can connect to the 12V Power Pack used by your Wireless Mic Receiver. Both receivers can share the power from the one pack.
More options are a remote pairing button and a Remote Antenna with a magnetic base.

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