Professional Headworn Vocal Mic

by Aeromic
We know that if someone is to be heard then the mic capsule must be close to the mouth. This means that the best solution for amplifying a voice is a headworn microphone. Most of these come with a windscreen and have a small pick-up field or “sweet spot” in front of the mouth using a directional capsule.

The Aeromic (AERO-MIKE) AM12LS is a sophisticated, slim profile omni-directional headmic. You position it to the side of the mouth to shield the mic from popping. The one-piece black frame is easily moulded to a firm fit for a range of head shapes and sizes. Supplied with windscreen, connector fitted, it has an all-steel cable with four layers of sweat defence at the connector.

As used in Theatre Productions, Schools, Auctioneers, Platform Speakers & Lecturers. 

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