Aeromix 2+2SR Mic/Line Mixer


Aeromix 2+2SR Mixer

The Stereo Voice Over Music Mixer

Mix 2 Voices over 2 or 3 choices of music. The Aeromix AMX 2+2SR Mixer features a unique auto-selecting input socket. It comes supplied with our exclusive iJax hook-up cable. Use this cable with MP3 Players and smartphones that have a mini headphone jack out. They can walk up, plug in the front panel socket and press play. There are colour coded Bass & Treble controls on both the Voice and Music channels, which means you can adjust the right sound for each.

Now streaming ready! This latest version has a new independent volume controlled 3.5mm mini-jack output socket. It will take your Voice over Music mix and feed it to an outboard Analog to Digital USB Soundcard (not supplied) or direct to your computer or phone with the right adaptor. Use this for streaming Voice over Music Mixes to computer programs like Zoom.

Combi Mic Inputs: The latest version also features Combination Mic Inputs. These Combi mic sockets accept a 6.35mm Jack plug (unbalanced or balanced) in the centre of the socket. They will also accept a balanced line XLR cable from the Mic Out socket found on the majority of quality wireless mic receivers. Balanced line connections sound better, revealing more “body” in the voice. They are less susceptible to noise and interference

If you connect the Aeromix 2+2SR to a SoundEar Loudness Monitor with a run of Cat 5/6 cable then, if the preset loudness level is exceeded, the music will be cut back by 15dB until it's turned down. We call this the AudioSlap circuit - venue owners and managers love it!
We supply the Aeromix with a pair of 6.35mm TRS Jack to XLR cables in the box so that hooking it up to your power amp is a breeze.

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