Aeromix Mic/Line Mixer


Aeromix 2+2 Mixer

The Stereo Voice Over Music Mixer

Mix 2 Voices over 2 or 3 choices of music. The Aeromix AMX 2+2 Mixer features a unique auto-selecting input socket. It comes supplied with our exclusive iJax hook-up cable. Use this cable with MP3 Players and smartphones that have a mini headphone jack out. They can walk up, plug in the front panel socket and press play. There are colour coded Bass & Treble controls on both the Voice and Music channels, which means you can adjust the right sound for each.
If you connect the 2+2 Aeromix to The Trigger, our LM-30 SPL Monitor with a run of Cat 5/6 cable then, if the preset loudness level is exceeded, the music will be cut back by 15dB until it's turned down. We call this the AudioSlap circuit - venue owners and managers love it!
We supply the Aeromix with a pair of 6.35mm TRS Jack to XLR cables in the box so that hooking it up to your power amp is a breeze.

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