BH Series Active Speaker 10"

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The new B-HYPE 10 is a versatile active speaker.
Features at a glance:
  • Greatest efficiency up to 121 dB SPL
  • Professional acoustic performance
  • Innovative horn design for uniform and extended coverage
  • Compact featherweight
  • Clean and contemporary design enhancing portability
  • 3 handles
  • Double stage monitor angle
  • Preset EQ Flat /Boost
The B·H series aims to provide a professional yet efficient sonic performance to all kind of users. The 260w built-in CLASS D amplifier will produce sound pressure levels of up to 121 dB from this cabinet.  
The new B-HYPE 10 is a versatile active speaker. It has a high frequency compression driver with a 1” voice coil and a one 10” woofer with a 1.5” voice coil. The dispersion pattern is asymmetrical on vertical axis. It is diversified (top and bottom) on the horizontal axis. This allows for a narrower and more efficient sound coverage. You hear a better performance in the case of reverberant environments. The combo input (with source type selection) allows for an easy and versatile use. It is suitable for a dynamic microphone or a standard line input. You can adjust lower and upper frequencies with the convenient DSP preset function. A balanced link output allows the audio connection to a second loudspeaker.  
This featherweight cabinet at 9kg comes with a clean and contemporary full grille design. Easy portability with 3 handles, 1 each side and 1 on top. Positioned horizontally each cabinet can becomes a stage monitor. It also features a pole mount cup for use with tripods or stacked on a dBTechnologies Sub-woofer. 

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