Casio Ultra Short Throw Projector

by Casio

Casio’s Ultra Short Throw LampFree® projectors incorporate Laser & LED Technology to produce images of impressive brightness. The new XJ-UT351WNBKT projector can produce pictures with a brightness of 3500 lumens and contrast ratio of 20000:1, which enables it to project vivid and clear images even in a fully lighted room. They have a long lasting lifespan of up to 20,000 hours with reduced electricity consumption and no lamps or filters to replace. With their Ultra-Short Throw lens, the XJ-UT351WNBKT can project brilliant, crisp, shadow-free images of up to 110” diagonal with a full assortment of connectivity and features. The built-in short throw lens and advanced mirror system provides an extremely close throw ratio (0.28:1) and projects an 80” image from just 50cm away. Other new features includes a 7 steps automaticaly brightness control, horizontal keystone correction and USB power supply. This projector Includes a RJ45 networking port to connect to your LAN, An optional wireless adaptor (YW-40) is required to connect to a WiFi network. Warranty: 5 years parts and labour or 10,000hrs, whichever occurs first Short focus lens is capable of projecting a 60-inch screen image from a distance of just 13cm. The long life light source provides approximately 20000 hours of illumination. The dustproof design reduces degradation of luminance associated with accumulated dust. Adoption of the Laser & LED light source has decreased power consumption drastically compared to high pressure mercury lamps.

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