Parallel Audio "LIVE" Handheld Wireless Mic Package

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The LIVE-100 Series Handheld wireless mic system package from Parallel Audio is designed for the seasoned performers. 


100 factory preset user-selectable UHF frequencies.
  • Advanced microprocessor control, excellent RF design with improved signal performance for interference free multi-channel operation.
  • Patented IrDA technology for 2-way sync between transmitter and receiver.
  • SCAN function automatically locates the next clean frequency.
  • More than 10-12 non interfering channels can be operated simultaneously within a selected 25MHz bandwidth.
  • Diversity design for high sensitivity, high selectivity, and high image/spurious rejections.
  • LCD display on the receiver shows selected frequency.
  • Antennas can be either rear or front mounted.
  • Anti-interference Pilotone control and RF noise squelch circuitries.
  • RF & AF LED indicators.
  • Balanced (XLR) x 1 / unbalanced (O6.3mm) x 1 audio outputs.
  • Half-rack metal chassis, mountable with optional mount kit
  • (PA-WRK-1 for 1 unit, PA-WRK-2 for 2 units).

    Handheld Wireless Transmitter


    • Multi-function LCD display for channel/frequency, battery level indicator, Alkaline/NiMH battery selection.
    • Patented IrDA technology for 2-way data transfer between transmitter and receiver.

    • Hidden antenna.

    • Detachable microphone capsule design. Selection of either Dynamic or Condenser.

    • Noise free handling with dynamic microphone capsule

    • Rugged metallic housing design.

    • Uses 2 x AA batteries to operate.

    • Long air time - up to 16 hours.

    • Matching battery charger: HC2.


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