Digital Tour Guide Transmitter

by Chiayo

Tour guide system for interactive tours 

Perfect for walking tours, factory tours, language interpreters and seminars. Anywhere you need assisted listening. 
Your guests can also interact with you and each other. An optional feature is the listeners can ask questions. They simply push a button on their receivers to ask their question, it's like using a walkie-talkie, and everyone can hear them. 
The transmitter also has an Aux input connection. You can connect a phone or mp3 player for some background music during the tour. Up to 3 tour groups can operate in a 10 x 10mtr area at the same time without causing audible interference. If they are more than 10 metres apart you can run more at the same time. A 3-way switch on the transmitter allows you to transmit music or recorded speech. Or just the microphone or a mixture of both.  
There are some handy features like automatic frequency hopping if you encounter interference. You won't know it is happening - no dropouts! That's the benefit of a Digital Wireless System. Also, if someone with a receiver moves out of range they will hear a warning beep in the ear. Lithium batteries make these units lightweight. They will deliver a long battery charge of around 10 hours.
System Configuration: 1 x Transmitter for the tour guide + Earphone with mic; up to 19 ReceiversEarbuds or 20 to 39 Receivers + Earbuds; 1 or 2 Charging Bases + Carry Case for 20 or 40 units.
If you require multiple units, please call for a bulk deal price. Also, if you are wanting a tour guide system with a mic hire, any size, call 02-83991052.

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