EON PA 8" 2-Way , 8Ch Mixer & Bluetooth

by JBL

Packaged 8" 2-Way PA with Powered 8-Channel Mixer and Bluetooth®

Everything You Need to Be Heard
The EON208P all-in-one portable PA system includes an 8-channel mixer, Bluetooth audio and an AKG microphoneThe convenient suitcase-style design makes the EON208P ideal for a top sound at performances and events. The 8-channel detachable mixer provides professional connections for mics, instruments and line-level sources. The 8” two-way stereo speakers deliver best-in-class audience coverage. Bluetooth connectivity also allows you to stream audio from your mobile device. With 300 watts, you’ll have more than enough volume to be heard. Plus, the compact and lightweight form factor means you can carry the entire system in one hand with a guitar slung over your other shoulder to play coffee shops and medium-size gigs. 

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