The Trigger Loudness Monitor



A cost effective Loudness Monitor. The built-in microphone continuously measures the noise level in the room and displays it in coloured LEDs up to a predetermined level of loudness you pre-set from 79dB to 109dB. You can use it as a stand-alone product as a visual indicator. 

Alternatively, you can connect it up to The Govnor, Sound Pressure Level Limiter. Connect the two items using 2 pairs of a Cat 5 cable run. 24V goes up one pair to power it while the control signal comes down to The Gov^nor on another pair to 'trigger' the limiting action. Once it's set at the maximum level you want in that room the top 3 Red LEDs will tell you when you are there and The Gov^nor will hold it at that level.

The Loudness Monitor measures sound in either "A" Weighting (required by Government Authorities) or "C" Weighting (recommended by audio engineers if too much bass is the problem).

A simple solutions to an ongoing problem at any venues who have issues with soundness monitoring or upset neighbours such as gyms, churches, schools etc.

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