300W Commercial Digital Power Amp

by InterM
Save 3%
A 300W Single-Channel Class D Amplifier. Housed in a 2 RU compact chassis, these Class D amplifiers offer high power with reduced size and weight. The Class D type circuitry combined with Switch-mode Power creates a high efficiency amplifier. It offers reduced power consumption and low heat dissipation. The DPA-Series offers both low impedance and High impedance outputs in one package. Ideal for applications where high power and long-line speaker installation is specified. Locations such as Airports, Shopping Malls, Transport Hubs or any large scale facilities.
Less than 1% THD, with an increased signal to noise ratio of 90db and a widened frequency response from 30Hz ~ 18 KHz. This Class D amplifier offers greater than 90% power efficiency over traditional amplifiers. The switch-mode power supply provides high efficiency and low weight. It is equipped with a protection circuit against short circuit, overload, power and DC output. A 2 position LOW CUT FILTER, at 65Hz, and 400Hz, helps improve speech intelligibility. It also protects the output from unwanted low frequencies.

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