SoundEar 3XL Industrial Noise Level Monitor & Recorder


SoundEar 3XL: Reduce Noise and

Remind everyone to wear hearing protection.

Make noise visible and make sure you are always up to date on your noise levels

Why our customers like SoundEar 3XL:

  • Makes noise visible: you instantly know that it is time to put on hearing protection when the light turns red
  • Simple and efficient way of staying in control of your noise levels
  • Easy to monitor noise: you can use the software to monitor real-time noise levels from multiple sites or locations
  • With precision noise measurements you are sure to have proper documentation for your noise levels
  • Email alarms and automated noise reports mean you are always up to date with the noise situation

The 'XL' means it's extra large to make it easier to see in large settings. Ideal for factories, workshops, mines, warehouses, production plants, manufacturing plants, food processing and more. 

Dimensions: SoundEar3 XL: L:595 mm W: 412 mm H: 59 mm

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