SoundEar 2 Noise Level Monitor


SoundEar 2 makes Noise Visible!

The first step towards lowering your noise levels is knowing when there is too much of it.

What our Customers use the SoundEar 2 Series for:

  • Creating Awareness about Noise
  • Reducing Noise Levels through Visualization
  • Making sure Everyone Remembers to Put on Hearing Protection
  • Complying with Occupational Noise Regulations

The SoundEar 2 Series is used for making noise visible in different settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools, Class Rooms
  • Fitness Centres, Public Swimming Pools
  • Open plan Offices
  • Industrial companies
  • Construction companies
  • Child Care Centres

The main reason our customers have for using the SoundEar 2 Series is that they want to reduce noise levels.

The SoundEar 2 features our customers find most important are:

  • Getting a Visual Noise Warning Sign
  • Very easy to use
  • Everyone instinctively know how to react when the SoundEar flashes red

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